Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This is me.


I have been considering doing this for a while. Mostly, as my description says, so I can talk about my knitting. So, yes, it is all about me. But hey, it's my blog, right?

Some stuff about me.

I am .. wait a sec... that's weird, ever notice how when you go to describe yourself there is this strong tendency to talk in terms of roles you play in your life? I'm not even sure how to go about talking about me without starting there... let's try, shall we?

I like creating things. I like being creative generally, but much prefer to have something tangible at the end. As a result, I like to knit, I am inverterate foodie, I like to take photos (in the days where I had spare time during the day) and so on.

On the less productive hobby front, I am a computer game-geek, and like to talk. A lot.

Okay I am going to resort to the roles thing now. I am the Mum of a beautiful 3 year old girl who is fabulous. I have no qualms about being the doting mother, as far as I believe, it is my job. :)
I also work full-time and have a lovely fiance. We're building a house and life is busy.

I love my friends, bemoan the lack of time in my busy life to do everything I want to. But, despite the odd thing life throws at me/us, life is pretty damn good and I am very lucky.

That's me. I promise to talk knitting in the next post!