Thursday, August 13, 2009

A tale of woe.. where I should never speak aloud pleasure at knitting progress.

So I was knitting on my cardigan. And making good progress. The back was done earlier. I finished the left front. Excellent.

I started the right front. Then.. got about half way before I realised that there was an error on the left front, about half way down. Okay, I can deal. I put my other, half finished right front on a spare needle, and then rip out back to the error, and the reknit half the left front to fix the error. Cool. Not too-too painful. I pick up my other front, put it back on the needles and continue.

Except... Now I realise that my carefully knit-to-match-the-left-front buttonholes? Will no longer be evenly spaced due to the error that was made on the other half.

So. I could either have button holes that vary in distance from 6.5cm apart to about 5cm, or.... rip back to the first buttonhole. Being overly perfectionistic is just not all it's claimed to be, you know?

I have now actually knit the equivalent to almost a whole cardigan side again. And still have more to go.

Of course it's all my own fault for saying how pleased with the progress I have been making, due mostly to watching lots of ABC sci-fi on ABC iView. (Love that.)

So anyway, hubris - once again, I salute thee!