Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Print o the Wave.. well, not saved but,.. significantly less impeded by the use of lifelines...

I finally got the courage, ripped out the repeat I needed to and started the repeat over again.

Thankfully, since I have been putting in a lifeline every successful repeat, I only had to rip back one repeat. It does, however, make me consider putting in multiple lifelines. Just in case I don't pick up that error in the repeat it happened.

Oh, and I expect my blogging will be a little quiet for a while. I am about *crosses fingers* eight weeks from moving house and I have several friends waiting to take on (increased) sprog-herding duties :)

So there'll be secret baby-knitting projects on the go. Which I can't blog cos some of them read this :P

Speaking of which *cough* anyone want to loan me a copy of Itty Bitty Hats?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

This makes me sad. (Lace being mean to me)

See this? This looks innocent enough, right?
But look closer my friend.....

That is a mini-zig, when it should be zagging.

Which means I did probably rows 1-2 then started over again by accident. Which means it needs to be ripped out. :(

I noticed last night, my courage still isn't up to it. It goes away again until I try to face it again tomorrow :(

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A mixed weekend

The bad
  • The weather was terrible.. Driving rain, heavy wind etc.
  • The bad weather meant my man was really not well enough to do the house-planning shopping we had planned to do. (When the barometric pressure drops, he's toast)
  • I went to buy my daughter a new tracksuit from Target, went through all the dramas of a little person freaking out because she got wet when we got out of the car at the shops, her insisting on looking at every toy in the store... and then when I finally got to the checkout, having left my pursue at home :(
  • My man still being sore and tired today, and so him sleeping all day and us again not doing any of the things I had planned (despite the weather having improved somewhat)
The good
  • I made my first ever dahl for my dinner last night. And it rocked!!
  • Despite the aforementioned poor weather, and us being inside all weekend pretty much, my daughter was actually very well behaved.
  • Well enough, in fact, that I actually read all of the new Harry Potter book (bought in a fit of self-indulgent retail therapy when I went back a second time to Target .. with my purse this time).
The mixed
  • I cleaned up the house a lot, so it looks less like a pigsty but.. I loathe cleaning.
  • I can't decide on a new project. I'm looking sideways at the two pairs of half finished socks on my needles, but am half way swayed by my daughter's suggestion that her doll needs a beanie, as my doll (Lizzie in the top banner) has one.

This was my first ever sock. I bought the yarn (Opal self striping of some kind, ball band lost in the mists of time) because it was on sale and I didn't know yet whether I would like knitting socks. I hated the colourway. I am now considering if I should finish the last sock, and overdyed it purple.

This was my Jaywalker attempt. I like the colourway much more, but... the yarn is a little scratchy and I can't get into the Jaywalker mojo. It just seems to be not working for me.

Weirdly, now I keep looking at this yarn... which is soft, and I love the colours. And am now thinking as a result, of shifting one of the other two pairs onto scrap yarn and casting on socks pair #3
I don't know. I need an easy project, the lace stole takes too much concentration to knit while doing the public transport thing (and a single mistake requires rather more work to fix)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Fetching are all done! (Does that make them Fetched?)

Very very quick knit. One ball of Naturally Me Merino/Cashmere blend. Yummy sqooshy and soft.

Plus, a pretty blue!
They took almost exactly one ball, and I lengthened the finger part to reach my first knuckle, and also increased the thumb sections to match.

The yarn is 8ply weight, so I knit them on 3.75mm needles. Which is smaller than the pattern (both yarn and needles) but I'd heard that the original gloves were large on some people. I have fairly narrow hands/fingers so these fit nicely for me.

I like em, and look forward to them keeping me warm on the walk to the bus stop come Monday morning.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Finished Object: Raspy from Rowan Denim People is completed!

Here it is!A finished Raspy, photographed by my favourite small person.

Here is a close up of the detail on the neckline.
My man's comment? Why did you want a jumper with holes in it? {insert much of his mirth at my expense} This lead to a discussion of our relative appreciation of deconstruction-ism as a fashion statement.

{You can imagine it, right?}

Of course, towards the end it was too big to travel and it had to wait for a trip to the Laundromat for access to hot wash and dry for finishing.. So I started these while I waited.

It's a Fetching. You know the drill. If you don't Google it and drown in the masses of them online.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I am the personification of busyness and nerves

I'm doing stuff, honest. But I cannot tell you where the four days off I just had, well, where they went.

It certainly didn't sufficiently go into finishing Raspy like I wanted to.

I mean, I am making progress, definitely.. I'm into the raglan decreases and everything.

And I've done about 4 repeats of the Print O' the Wave stole, when I wanted something more engaging...

And I have cleaned half the house for the rent inspection on Thursday..

And did the school run on Thursday and Friday...

And did some food shopping on Saturday (no I didn't photograph it Lupinbunny, sorry. Maybe one day I shall both remember the project and buy a normal number of things and my kitchen be clean. Like, all at once..)

And I went to Stitch and Bitch Saturday... and then we went raiding Crossways for Yarn...

And .. I've been playing rather a lot of this.. . Oblivion. It's awesome and huge and a nice break from the tedium that World of Warcraft has become.

Oh. And stressing about the new job I start tomorrow. My darling man says they'll love me. Gawd, I hope so.