Sunday, August 27, 2006

A doll called Lizzie and what happens when knit-geeks need a key ring..

As promised, here is Lizzie (my newly-named doll. Pride and Prejudice - one of my all time favorite heroines. It was either that, or Thursday (as in Thursday Next, my other favorite heroine from the Jasper Fforde series about her. Thursday would appreciate a doll called Lizzie I think..)

I digress. You can see here the finished jacket and top. Also, I knitted her a pair of purple stripy legwarmers. I think I'll knit her a pair of gauntlet style-gloves also at some point, after the sock drive wears off.

Speaking of which, I had to rip out most of the sock previously shown and start over. While I have been enjoying trying out knitting continental style, I discovered my gauge is considerably tighter when knitting that way - though MUCH faster. So I re-measured my gauge and did it over. I'm nearly at the heel (version 2). Didn't get much knitting done while away this time (though trip was successful).

Also, I mentioned my lovely new keychain. Here it is :)

I like it a lot. It's cute and knitting the sock with left over sock yarn is no work at all!

And another pic with the sock taken off...
Terribly cute, and really quite cheap. The company name is Felted Up.. can't find the other details at the moment, but they include a copy of the pattern for the sock in the postage and keychain mini-sockblocker.

Anyway, I'm off. Long week, and busy/productive weekend so I am wiped.

New week tomorrow.. (whew!)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yes! We have striping sock yarn! (homemade)

Well, the three colour stripes are home made ;-)

Here is my appearing sock. Toe up, obviously.

Also, I am trying out continental knitting style after the lovely Clementine over at the craftyaction SnB showed me. After seeing diagrams where it looked too confusing for words... it was so simple. I have no idea how to purl, but since I am just doing masses of stockinette, it doesn't matter! It just seems SO much quicker, I am really impressed. I think I'd still revert to english style for anything complicated, but good to know.

I have a bunch of ideas to jazz up my space here, but haven't got around to it. I had a nice picture of my variegated yarn that I took see on the right there. I was going to make myself a cool new banner with the red colours etc to work with what I have already.

Then, when looking up something on Brenda Dayne's Cast On page for her podcast, noticed she uses almost exact the same kind of thing! Horrors! Can't be that much of a poor imitator, even if I didn't know it at the time :(

So, I shall find something, honest. Maybe my doll can be my mascot :) Oh, and I finished her jacket too, will photograph and post that later. It looks good. She's getting legwarmers next...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I dyed sock yarn with KoolAid. Whee! Cherry tart socks to come!

Okay I went and bought some Patonyle in white and decided to try it out. It has a nylon content of around 20%, so I was worried it might not work. Obviously, I worried for nothing. The yarn, cooling down waiting to rinse is shown on the left.

And after balling it into hanks here.

I used the exceptionally clear instructions on Eunny Knits! website. The directions are here and are for self striping socks. I didn't do the fiddly thing about figuring out how long things should be etc to make perfect stripes. I may yet rue this when my stripes are yukky, but never mind ;)
As you will see, I was quite impressed by Eunny's dark red/red/pink combo and so made my own version.

I used 3 sachets of Black cherry for the dark red, 2 sachets of cherry for the red, and 2 of strawberry kiwi for the pink. I found the black cherry has a slight rust red thing to it, but otherwise am very happy with the results. All that remains now is to decide the pattern.

I am considering knee highs (if the yarn will stretch that far - i doubt it). I am toying with which pattern to use - I want simple to show off the stripes and am thinking about either the universal sock pattern or the widdershins. I doubt I'll get gauge on the latter though my pre-dyeing mini trial was around 30st over 10cm. I do think I'll try the magic cast on from knitty - people keep raving about it in podcasts I listen to..

So it's socks this week :) I did want to start my Arrrgyles, but couldn't justify all that extra yarn on top of the stuff to dye. Oh, and I want to knit some Baudelaire.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dolly has a hat and shirt... and the KoolAid came!

Okay, I am becoming the world's biggest knit geek. No, really.

I am totally geeking out over my new toys.

Firstly, my KoolAid came (via mail, via eBay), promising future dyeing happiness. See the pile of future entertainment on the left there...

Also, I have (so far finished a hat and shirt for my still-yet-to-be-named) doll.

The hat still needs to have the purple and black tassels to be added on each point.

My man thinks I'm a little odd, knitting all this stuff. But I love the quick turn around and it's proving a little addictive knitting such quickly finished stuff. I'm working on a long burgundy coat for her now. And have some purple variegated 4 ply cotton that will become either socks or, more likely, leg warmers. And a pair of fingerless gauntlet/gloves.

Apologies for the blurriness - this is my phone camera. I realised I shouldn't permanently be stealing my mum's camera, and thus returned it. A cheap digital camera is now on my 'to buy' list fairly soon.

All done. Horrible week in the non-knitting life. Nothing earth-shattering, just a little cheerful-ness-shattering. Next time, should be posting with more doll clothing!

Friday, August 04, 2006

I forgot to mention... I finished the Vogue Holiday Lace Cardigan!

Mostly I forgot this since I posted on that other blog ;)

Here is a picture. It's pretty. (The cardigan, not so much the photography. But hey, I had to use the timer and kitchen bench. Darling man was still sleepy and I needed to pack it for the trip.)

Oh, and yes, I did sew the ends in, despite their appearance here ...

Anyway... ta DA!

It's beautiful, and having now worn it a whole day, is like wearing a gentle caress all day.

That's sounds kind of tacky when I write it, total knitting porn. But, dammit, it really does!!

BRRrrrr! Canberra is COLD!

Okay, so I am back from chilly Canberra.

My cardigan survived the trip and was much admired .. ahhhhh....

I got a bit of knitting in, mostly on my daughter's red ribbed jumper, which I am knitting bottom up and will probably be a raglan sleeve. I haven't decided yet, and will work it out when I get closer to needing to do so.

I also realised that I haven't done the show-and-tell of my darling new dolly :)

The 'Dinara' doll is from AK Traditions who have absolutely gorgeous doll kits. That is, you get the doll, with a kit of materials and patterns to make her clothes and belongings. See below my kit's contents (though I bought additional patterns, you still get quite a few - enough for an outfit- in the basic kit). Kits come as sewing, knitting, quilting and combination types as far as I can tell.

I am really very, very happy with what I got for the money. The doll is very well made, and quite a bit larger than I thought. (Larger close up of her on the left.) I've started making her basic coat, and then will probably make the paperbag hat.

I am seriously thinking about using her as a test 'mini me'. So if I'm thinking about making myself a particular unusual colourway or pattern, I can try a mini version on her. I suspect that I will also make her things I can't really get away with wearing anymore and/or just use up leftover yarn to make her things. I consider her my new knitting mascot, and she will grace my new spare room (to be also known as the 'quiet room') in our new house.

I'll post stuff when I finish them.

Also, my new Keychain Sock Blocker came in the mail, which I will photograph and post when I can be bothered ;) That's very cute too, and has got me thinking about socks for my dolly here. Must name her at some point too...