Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Math geek strikes again!

Yes, you remember this part of me, right? Where I feel the need to reassure myself through math..

Feeling like I wasn't making progress on the baby blanket.

So I make my Excel spreadsheet. The first column is the block number, then the number of stitches in the block and then rows and then the % complete when the block is finished.

Sigh... my maths heritage always comes out eventually.

Note to self

Dear Spider_knit,

Christmas, you know that big family event at the end of the year where you make stuff for people and give presents? Well, that is happening before any of the babies that are coming.

I know - babies are exciting. And cute. And fun to knit for.

But if you want to give those people those things you were thinking of for Christmas.. well, you'd better get off your butt and get started.


Fondest regards,

Your ever hopeful,


p.s. a photo to show dispite current illness, knitting is happening.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

We have booties! (and a spring cloud on the horizon)

So, the booties are done. Honestly, I think the sewing up took longer than the knitting.
Here they are in their insufferable cuteness ;)
And then there's the daughter's summer cardigan.

Those of you following for a while know that I try to knit one summer and one winter jumper or cardigan for my daughter. Inspired by a photo on Ravelry, (and the promise of a quick knit), I've started on a cotton blend Cloud Bolero (Ysolda pattern).

So far so good, one evening of watching Hellboy on TV and a big chunk done. (The original specification was "pink with a purple ribbon". She picked pink yarn (after a lot of "this one! I love this one!... No! This one!" etc. And then forgave the purple ribbon for a life-like pink flower button. If she wasn't five and as cute as a button herself, I suspect it'd look ridiculous. But I think she'll just look cute. :)