Sunday, September 23, 2007

OMG!!! Something I can blog about!

A gift I can safely blog about, imagine that.

This scarf has been driving me nuts. It has had literally about 6-8 different stitch patterns swatched. The pattern requirements were:
  • cornflower blue (giftee request. Which decided the yarn since this was the only yarn in that colour I could find).
  • a scarf (giftee request)
  • would be straightforward to knit on public transport. This therefore ruled out:
    • cabled (requires needle)
    • non memorise-able lace
    • any lace pattern likely to lead to periodic ripping out (otherwise it would be the print of the wave stole. *sigh* )
  • something I would not grow to loathe knitting.
So. I finally ended up here. It got the tick of approval from both my and my man's mums so all is good. I finally decided on this. Those of you who've been here a long while may remember this pattern. It's the daisy lace which the whole of the Vogue Lace Cardigan is knit in. Only DK, not kidsilk haze and 12mm needles instead of 5mm. Let's just say one huge thing in its favour is it should be quick! And I know the pattern fairly well after knitting an entire cardigan in it.. I actually tried a range of needle sizes, but found the lace disappeared on my next size down (8mm).
I've also done a bit on my Twisted Yoke Cardigan. I'm enjoying the yarn very much. Feels very nice knitted up.

See, thusly..And I have finished another one of the baby-gift list. Yay. The end is in sight, and it isn't even month of madness yet. (they're all November babies. Valentines anyone?)

One left to sew up, and one I haven't settled on yet. Booties? Shoes? Hat? Thoughts anyone?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Did I say I wouldn't cast on?

Um. Oops. I did, didn't I?

Well... I realised all of my gifts-for-others aren't due until November & December. So I can do a little for-me knitting now, right?

.. the new Addi Turbos I bought were too much of a temptation I fear..

And I acquired some more yarn for yet another gift knit. They multiply when you're not looking, swear. ;) This one will be bloggable though..

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hey! Who put this yarn in my basket?

Subtitled: Falling off the yarn wagon.

Well.. I had a weak moment. I ordered my 'Herb' Felted Tweed.

It looks like this.

I am still working on the baby stuff. It's continuing, albeit a little slowly. And I picked up my Print O the Wave stole and did a few more rows. I'm now back to where I was before I had to rip that section out. Meh.

And we faced Ikea this weekend. God it's insane. Not to buy anything, but to see if we wanted to buy their wardrobe and curtains. (In case you're now wondering - yes probably and definitely no respectively.)

Anyway best get to bed. Work is ridiculous busy-like and well tiring to boot. I even missed my SnBs a few times over the last while - a first for me.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ah.. I got distracted.

Because I am so very busy knitting away on the pile of baby knitting I have to do, and because work has been crazy-busy (which means not as much knitting is getting done).. I am sort of making deals with myself.

I had intended to knit Bayerische socks. That's them on the left in green. They were to be pale grey probably. They're very pretty. But..

I bought the new Interweave Knits. There is a few patterns within that appeal to me.

One of them, Tangled Yoke cardigan didn't draw my eye initially. Then Lupinbunny mentioned it. I took another look. I was interested. Now, having the pattern and actual photos in my hot little hands..

I think it's jumped the queue. Rude little muggins isn't it ;-)

The deal goes something like this.

Step one. I finish the various baby related gifts prior to their needing to be gifted.

Step two. I do not start anything else that isn't already on the needles.

Step three. I can buy the requisite yarn, as long as I don't pay full price for it (unless it is utterly unavailable otherwise.)

Note: I am tempted to try the listed yarn. They have a beautiful green called Herb. But it's an alpaca/wool/vicose blend. Which I am worried may be too hot for Perth.

That said, I do work in the coldest corner in the office. It's bloody freezing, so that may be ok.

And it looks pretty.

Now I just need to ..
Step four: find somewhere to put the guilt at not spending every possible spare cent on the soon-to-be- completed-but-not-soon- enough-cos-builders-are-meanies- who-cant-estimate-accurately house. It's rough I tells ya.

The rest of my spare waking moments when not teaching is spent thinking about the most inexpensive way to a) kit out a large number of bookshelves and cupboards for the study - all built in; b) cover all the bedroom windows affordably without undue ugliness; c) not go crazy with the waiting. (Okay, some who have been around in the last 2 years are yelling 'Ha! too late!' at the screen about now.)

Okay, gotta go. Baby knitting to do.