Sunday, September 07, 2008

We have booties! (and a spring cloud on the horizon)

So, the booties are done. Honestly, I think the sewing up took longer than the knitting.
Here they are in their insufferable cuteness ;)
And then there's the daughter's summer cardigan.

Those of you following for a while know that I try to knit one summer and one winter jumper or cardigan for my daughter. Inspired by a photo on Ravelry, (and the promise of a quick knit), I've started on a cotton blend Cloud Bolero (Ysolda pattern).

So far so good, one evening of watching Hellboy on TV and a big chunk done. (The original specification was "pink with a purple ribbon". She picked pink yarn (after a lot of "this one! I love this one!... No! This one!" etc. And then forgave the purple ribbon for a life-like pink flower button. If she wasn't five and as cute as a button herself, I suspect it'd look ridiculous. But I think she'll just look cute. :)