Friday, October 31, 2008

So.. I've been knitting

Yes, I know its been a while.

The secret (tm) project is done. I have finished a couple of things, and started on some more.

So we have...


Pinky Cloud.
This was happily recieved by its owner who wore it to a wedding, where she stopped every single person who spoke to her to tall them that it was new, and that her mummy made it for her :)

Aura hat.
Gift for Christmas for surfing sister in law to be at some point. It's made from Rowan Calmer, which I love the finished product of, but don't love the price. Thankfully, this only took the single leftover ball I had. Altered to knit in the round because it would be silly not to.

Vintage beret.
Finished Christmas gift for daughters (other) teacher. (She has two). Very nice finished product. I used Sublime Cashmerino Silk DK, which I can't recommend enough. Beautiful stuff. (And just to tease... see that pinky edge in the corner of the picture? Secret gift!


Koolhaat. (in joke, sorry) Okay, not much done on this. It got sidelined by my other new project...

the Da Vinci Shawl.
This one was from a Ravelry knit-along. I'm not doing the full sized shawl (I only have two balls and doubt the recipient-to-be would wear a full sized one anyway. I'm very much enjoying knitting it though. And surprisingly easy to knit in transit, so there you go!
I've also picked up a copy of the book, More Softies. The website is here:

Which may become toys for gifts for Christmas, but possibly not because I have since found out my Sister in law would like personalised floor cushions for her brood. I wish I had known this before I bought the book, not 2 days later. Sigh. Money is tight, and I probably would have left it to buy later. Oh well. It is a lovely book, and thanks to discount vouchers, wasn't terribly expensive.

I also need to make curtains for the lounge before summer. But it's what, at least 54 days til Christmas. Ages. Right? Ha!

Be well all.