Thursday, May 21, 2009

Starting a blanket and finishing socks.

So there is knitting and such going on. But my man objects to my use of double pointed needles in the car (as passenger - he's driving) as he sees them more like steel stilettos than implements of sock making (and yes, I can see his reasoning). Anyway, so that means no socks in transit.

Thus, I have been crocheting, since I don't really want to drag around either my Clapotis (blue, large and fuzzy) or my Smoulder (not quite so large, but requires 8 colours and paying attention, and hurts my shoulder to carry).

I do like the feeling of progress of doing the little hexagons.
I have seven now. It takes about one hour TV program to make one. I get about 3/4 of one done on the way to work. I'm good with that.

Socks are relegated to the in front of TV knitting mostly, so they'll probably take a bit longer. Ah well. Winter's going to be around for a bit. I'll get there. Giftee is keen to wear them. :)

And small person needs slippers, so maybe I'll dig up the partially knitted Mini Fuzzy Feet and get them done - I know she'd prefer them to actual slippers and they'd be warmer than socks.

Oh, and my absolute great thing? Falling asleep last night to rain on a tin roof. Love it, love it.