Sunday, December 17, 2006

Busyness and so lack of posting.

Okay, no photos because near finishing a Christmas present and she reads the blog :P

Also, not much posting for a few weeks probably because we're moving house!

Moving to interim accomodation with our own space while our new house gets built. :)

It's just a tiny two bed apartment, which my man says is about the same size as the living area in our new-being-built-house [grin] but it will suit us. He also says ity's ugly and I'll hate it, but I'm treating it like an interim return to uni-studentness and the location wins out.

We're not sure what will be happening with net access for a bit, so I might be on borrowed PCs etc for blogging. All will sort itself out one way or another, the universe kind being of that type.

Oh, and there's a local holiday coming up that will take some of my time. ;-)