Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Phat Lewt!

[trans. Geek] I got good stuff for Christmas!

I am SO lucky...

My Christmas haul this year is truly worth grinning about.
  • That Jordana Paige knitting bag in grape. (photos later)
  • A new digital camera for blogging.. (still no photos, not on broadband at the new place yet)
  • a beautiful pearl, white gold and rubber bracelet and earrings. Very nice. (etc)
  • the Jasper Fforde, The Fourth Bear
  • the Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things.

I've started reading the last one, which just shows me just how truly brilliant Neil Gaiman is.

It's a book of short stories, and the first one alone left me shaking my head in awe at his writing. It's a H.P. Lovecraftian tale in the style of Sherlock Holmes. Just wonderful.

Anyway, the sporadic photo-less posts will probably continue for another fortnight, the whole holiday season is a mess as far as getting net access put on, sadly. So much for geeking my way through my holidays :(

oh, and ..

Merry Christmas all.