Thursday, February 08, 2007

Got gauge! And Getting there.

Two good news fronts knit-wise. But don't mention the house ;)

Good news one.

Swatch of Rowan denim, (for Raspy) despite everyone online having gauge issues is....bang on. Hurrah! I now need to buy some 4ply circs in a 80cm size. I only have 40cm, and it just isn't going to cut it. Am trying to resist jumping right in because....

Good news two.

I have finished the back of the Diamond Stitch Sweater from Vintage Knits. Which, those of you paying attention would realise means I only have the two sleeves and the front from the arm scythes up and the collar to do. (Since I was knitting in the round to the arm scythes.)

I feel like, finally, I can see the end of the top. *Holds hand up* And I promise to try to remember not to whine this Monday Stitch and Bitch, on account of having whined I think every time I have taken it out there. While lupinbunny continues to knit on her slip stitch, 4ply Anatolia from Knitty. I am abashed.