Saturday, March 31, 2007

A finished piece of the Action & a new hobby?

Okay bad joke, but I'm like, so funny..

The first completed piece of Action, from Rowan Denim People.

It's interesting construction the front and back are both pieced from two pieces, with a seam that runs down the 1/3 mark or so (length ways).

So this is the right back piece.

And this is going to be a patchwork dolly blanket, to see if I like this patchwork/quilting thingo. I bought the fabric at last year's craft show in Perth (which was otherwise nearly a complete waste of time. I went for yarn. There was little of interest. But it does show I've been fiddling with this idea for rather a long time..)
If I enjoy it, I'll give myself permission to buy enough Amy Butler/Echino/Liberty etc. to make a throw for my room in the new place. Purples/blues and greens most likely. We'll see.