Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yup, winter definitely on its way!

The dead giveaway? I'm wearing my first ever grown-up sized sweater.

This is my own special variant on Skully, from Debbie Stoller's Stitch and Bitch book.

It's knit in Jo Sharp Silkroad Ultra, which is which is warm, and squishy and pills like a bastard, making it no longer going-out wear. That, and its boxy unflattering shaping ;-)

In other news, its my birthday soon. And this means I get to "suggest" (read pick) my birthday pressie from my lovely Dad and step-mum. Now normally, there's plenty a thing I am coveting.

But. Yarn is obviously normally high on the list, but as I have not one, but two jumpers on the needles, and one/two pairs of socks.. I just don't want to risk getting the yarn for something in particular, getting to the end of my project list and then deciding I really want to knit something else entirely.

I am also vaguely fighting a desire to pick up a new hobby - quilting. Not so much of the country style stuff, more like Amy Butler's quilts, and Denyse Schmidt's quilts.. Contemporary modern stuff with beautiful fabrics a la Florence Broadhurst.

Current hold ups include: lack of time, needing to borrow Mum's sewing machine (at her house, no room in this tiny apartment) and money. Oh, and a nagging sense that I sucked at sewing clothing when younger. But then quilts are a) straight lines which I expect I can manage and b) maths, which I can do.

I've decided I'm nesting in a major way (not the baby-sense family, don't panic!) but in the I-want-a-proper-house sense. I haven't decided whether to ignore it or go with it yet. I'll let you know when I do ;-)

Oh, and action continues on Action (that denim gift-to-be-jumper). Nearly up to arm shaping on the first panel. I didn't bother photographing it, because its just a big blue square of knitted stuff. You can visualise that, right?