Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ah.. I got distracted.

Because I am so very busy knitting away on the pile of baby knitting I have to do, and because work has been crazy-busy (which means not as much knitting is getting done).. I am sort of making deals with myself.

I had intended to knit Bayerische socks. That's them on the left in green. They were to be pale grey probably. They're very pretty. But..

I bought the new Interweave Knits. There is a few patterns within that appeal to me.

One of them, Tangled Yoke cardigan didn't draw my eye initially. Then Lupinbunny mentioned it. I took another look. I was interested. Now, having the pattern and actual photos in my hot little hands..

I think it's jumped the queue. Rude little muggins isn't it ;-)

The deal goes something like this.

Step one. I finish the various baby related gifts prior to their needing to be gifted.

Step two. I do not start anything else that isn't already on the needles.

Step three. I can buy the requisite yarn, as long as I don't pay full price for it (unless it is utterly unavailable otherwise.)

Note: I am tempted to try the listed yarn. They have a beautiful green called Herb. But it's an alpaca/wool/vicose blend. Which I am worried may be too hot for Perth.

That said, I do work in the coldest corner in the office. It's bloody freezing, so that may be ok.

And it looks pretty.

Now I just need to ..
Step four: find somewhere to put the guilt at not spending every possible spare cent on the soon-to-be- completed-but-not-soon- enough-cos-builders-are-meanies- who-cant-estimate-accurately house. It's rough I tells ya.

The rest of my spare waking moments when not teaching is spent thinking about the most inexpensive way to a) kit out a large number of bookshelves and cupboards for the study - all built in; b) cover all the bedroom windows affordably without undue ugliness; c) not go crazy with the waiting. (Okay, some who have been around in the last 2 years are yelling 'Ha! too late!' at the screen about now.)

Okay, gotta go. Baby knitting to do.