Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Look, knitting!

Sorry about the image-empty posts of late. I've been a tad busy - last weekend was massively busy with 5year old parties, family breakfast and friends over for dinner. I didn't even go onto my PC once over the weekend - scary, huh?

But, I have been knitting.

Mostly, Tangled Yoke cardigan sleeves. The not-quite-on-gauge problem (for rows, but not stitches *sigh*) has run into the not-liking-the-sleeve-design problem. So, I found the original sleeves gaped too much at the wrist and I wanted a more fitted sleeve. Thus I ripped it all out, casting on 41 stitches instead of the original 59 (yes, there was math involved to calculated just how fitted I wanted it to be).

Which all worked swimmingly, I knitted along, trying it on as I went etc. (got to love knitting in the round for that).. 31cm into the project a thought struck me. I was following the original distance apart for increases up the sleeve. I needed to do an additional 8 paired increases to get to the right size for the yoke.. Um.. Would I have enough length to get them all in? More math/measuring. Oh look, no, no I won't. Bugger.

More math… Okay changing the frequency of increases means… yes I think I have it…work another 10 cm…. And then only a little speeding up a second time for the last 3-4cm. I have about 3 rows before it goes onto spare yarn and I cast on sleeve two. I'm glad I made notes on the changes, huh ? ;)

On the plus side I keep being surprised by just how fast a sleeve can go! I haven't even knit all that much and the sleeve's practically done! (Lace is great for perspective - *everything* feels amazingly quick to knit).