Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some days, I just want to give in to my inner knit geek.

Days like today. When someone at work just seems totally intent on making your day harder while being really unpleasant about it at the same time.

So. I want to come home, photograph my progress and show off, dammit! Oh and add in a bunch of Australian knit stuff into Ravelry.


The bragging. I have finally finished the first parts of the two sleeves and added them to the body and have started the yoke of my Tangled Yoke cardigan.
It's really getting kind of bulky to haul out on the bus. Not that it actually stops me from doing so, but still. I have about another 2 inches of stockingette uber-long rounds before I get to the interesting bit and start the named-for cables...

Look! A sleeve join!

Oh and on the Print o the Wave stole front. The yarn is ordered, and about to head from California to Australia. Not the correct dye lot, sadly. Ah well. Let's hope its a close match.