Thursday, June 19, 2008

Arrrrgh - thump. Defn: the sound someone makes falling off the yarn wagon.

Pride cometh before a fall.

I post here the message of downfall I sent to Bibnbub...

I made the fatal error. I planned for the next thing I really, really want to knit.

I created a checklist (wishlist) of all the colours I need for the Smoulder cardigan.

It takes a total of 15 balls of yarn in 8 (!!) colours. 5 of these are discontinued colours.

Janette’s Rare yarns had two of them with a note to email her if you were after something not listed.

I emailed her the wishlist. She mailed back in under 5 min (again !!) to say she was only missing 3 colours, and had 10 balls of the 5 I am seeking! And it’s under $80!)

And then, I looked at who on Ravelry to see who might have the ones I am missing for trade/sell. One person in perth has lots of one of those left. I sent her an email.

I have shades of the Evil Willow episode of Buffy. With Anya and Xander talking. And Anya explaining that when good people go bad they go like, really bad. And I just used a Buffy reference - and tried to Wiki it to get it right - to make a point about my yarn. Oh god. I need to sleep. Or something.

See? Yarn evil. Take over brain.

Anyone have either Night Sky or Fandango in Rowan 4 ply cotton? It hopefully will be all I'm missing...