Thursday, August 28, 2008

Heartfelt makes me swoon..

And want to be girly, and skinny and flounce around with big dark eye make-up waiting for Mr Darcy to take me to tea... erm... *cough*

My Heartfelt book and Rowan 44 arrived yesterday. Which means record time - I ordered on Saturday (their Friday but still) from the UK. 3 and a bit days people. From a whole 'nother country. Why is our service so poor from elsewhere? (Yes America, I am looking at you.)

At any rate, Heartfelt is definitely my favourite knitting book. Maybe ever. I want to get the yarn for several items in it and wear them. Like right now.

Not that Rowan 44 isn't getting the love, no, I like many items in that too. But Heartfelt is .. my inner knit desires made in a printed form.

Oh and I'm knitting booties. Good gracious they are quick! I've nearly finished one today, just in transit with no other knitting time! Photos when done.