Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life is crazy, but knitting keeps me sane (mostly)

So apart from a unreasonable meltdown on Saturday, my life continues apace.

Lots of stuff going on, but knitting has kept me sane.

I have photos of Mum's socks for you...

Note the eye of partridge heel, the ribbed and shaped top. They fit nicely and I am assured they are both loved and comfy. So that's a win.

I have also finished my Clapotis. Beautiful. Photos not the best, since I haven't had a chance to photograph it outside. It's also not blocked yet, though I am less worried about doing that.
Of course, this takes me back once again to picking what to work on.

I have a two works in progress, a cardigan and hexagon blanket, but the former is too big to comfortably lug around and the second is more of a "inbetween" portable project.

I have that lace yarns I mentioned a while back, but it occurred to me that if I am going to knit lace, maybe I should think about knitting myself that wedding shawl. So I have to pick "the" yarn. I don't think I'll be getting "the" dress, so I'm making do! ;)

Of course, I also have to deifinitively decide on a pattern also. It's all a work in progress. Or rather work yet to be in progress.

In the mean time, I look at my stashed yarns and think about what I can do while I decide on the other one...