Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Why can't sewing patterns be sized correctly?

I know, it might be me. But I wear a standard size.

And both of the adult sized clothing items I have made come out way way different to the size I normally wear.

What happened? I made a skirt, based on the written sizing. It's too big :( About 1-2 inches too big around the waist and hips. Sigh. I shall have to acquire some assistance to pin and take it in. Which means the waist band will have a new seam, cos there is no way I can envisage me unpicking the whole damn thing and resewing it on. I mean, really.

And I was so happy with myself. I put in an invisible zipper!! Correctly, no less! And did a box pleat front correctly! Anyway, I'll take it in on the side. I am of the opinion that i don't think the slight off centerness of the zipper after taking it in will be noticable since it's on the side.

On a slightly, better note, I finished those slippers. They're drying by the heater now.