Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm in a knit-a-long! Wheeee!

I'm very quietly (keeping it to myself) tickled all shades of pleased that a couple of ladies/girls from my monthly knitting group were admiring my (slow) progress on my lacy cardigan and are going to knit it too!

I've not ever had this happen before, and am very much looking forward to seeing how they (and those of their friends who are apparently going to be doing it too) are all going to turn out :)

I have also taken some photos of my daughter's Coronet hat, but am tired and will download and post them a bit later.

I have been eyeing my newly-arrived red silk yarn (of which I have about 625+m of, in a DK/8ply weight) and am now deep into the decision process about what it should become...

Then again, it is pure silk, and thus probably more of a summer project - meaning, the decision can wait.

I'm also toying with the idea of knitting my darling daughter a new jumper with the stack of red Zara I picked up on sale at the Wool Shack. I think I'd like to do a v neck, with pairs of cables up the front maybe. I'd like to do black stripes too, but really, that's more me than her, truth be told. And then I have another part of me saying things like "Finish the damn lace cardigan THIS winter so you can wear it!!".
I'd like to do both, but worry starting one will result in neither being finished this winter.

So I'm a little conflicted. If only I had more time to knit, I could do it all .. Bwahahahaha!

The knit in Public thing (KIP) is on tomorrow which I'd like to attend, but it would really mean taking little miss, which more than likely would mean spending the time chasing and playing with her, rather than knitting and gossiping, as is the object. Oh well. Knitting group Monday (maybe). Will get fix then... my mother looked at me the other night while I was proudly showing off the new knitting book I'd acquired, looked me dead in the eye and said deadpan, "You are SO addicted to knitting, you know.."