Thursday, June 01, 2006

It hasn't arrived yet..

Well, I didn't get too much knitting done today. Just a little more on the beautiful lace cardigan I've been working on. It looks like this picture, only I'm doing it in Liquer Kidsilk Haze, which is kind of deep burgundy/red. I so love a good bit of victoriana. I was near-miss goth. I was too old really by the time I hit the goth scene (read.. met any goths. Middle class suburb. meh) so I really just dabbled at the edges, admired many, and realised I didn't care about anything enough that much to bother. Yes folks, I think I was actually too depressed as a teenager to be a goth ;-) Beautiful, but too much work.

And I've only (nearly) finished the back. ... It's taking a while. I am learning, slowly, that lace has its own pace, and trying to go at near my normal speed only causes later enevitable frogging :(

I've also bought some scarlet red pure silk yarn on ebay, which I am waiting on, hoping it is as nice as it sounded. I broke my ebay rule - "Only buy something you've seen an example of in person". A moment of weakness, and one I am hoping I won't regret. Hence the title of this post.

Thankfully, I did get another ball of the tweedy blue 'Tango' yarn I need to finish my missy's hat (that'd be my daughter) (Thanks to a kind MIL who lives near the specific - though with saldly unhelpful staff- yarn shop.) That's using the Coronet pattern from knitty and is turning out really nicely - though I skipped the double layer over the ears thing. We live in Perth. It just isn't that cold! But it's very pretty, both in colour and I think the tweedy yarn works especially well with the cable. So, as I am up to the decreases, that should be done very shortly. Well, if I can bear to put down the lace.

Anyway, enough for now. Must go. Home life stupidly hectic at the moment, and I am overtired and needed sleep. Bye for now oh-empty-void of net. Sleep tight.