Saturday, November 11, 2006

Monkey See - Monkey Do - Monkey Done!

Here he is. Generally, I am very happy with him. The only thing I'd change in hindsight really is to knit at a tighter guage to reduce the amount of visible-stuffiing-through-knitting. I like him anyway, hopefully the new parents and new person :) will like him too.

Also, I did end up casting on the gift lace scarf. I ended up biting the bullet and showing it to the gift reciepent, to check she liked it. It's so her colours.

Maybe she was just being nice, but she said she did, so that's her present to be finished too. Before Christmas, preferably.
Not due to any need to wear it though - this is Perth, 40 degree days for Christmas are common. (That's Celcius for any Americans out there. I'm not sure if anyone else uses their systems or not... ponders....)

It's feather and fan patterning I believe.

In other news.. I have almost finished those baby booties. I'm normally a baby sock person, but they are getting the monkey as well, so this is gratutious gift giving.

Very cute.
Although, if I had seen these over at Interweave Knits as their free pattern a suitable time frame they totally would have got a pair for bub.
Next (human) breeding pair I know are absolutely getting some :)

Also, in case you think I haven't been progressing that diamond stitch top.. (you know, that one in four ply cotton..)

Proof. It gets worked on. Slowly, on the bus.

And as for my next pattern, I know lots of you voted on that Vogue top. I am considering it. Though possibly not until I ask Lupinbunny very nicely if I can try it on to deconstruct any potential problems or changes. I am also very worried as a somewhat busty-lady that the front scoop thing will just do me no favours whatsoever. Trying it on will hopefully either make me a convert, or discard it doubt free. Can Lupin? Pretty please? I'll be gentle...

Anyway, onto my .. well... point. For my next pattern to start I think I might knit my darling daughter one of these toy Santas as a bedroom decoration. Aren't they SO cute... and absolutely stash friendly for me! (Also from Interweave knits free patterns)

Take care all. And knitters, remember. Christmas is now only weeks away, no longer months..... But only give your time, money and artistic talents to those who deserve and appreciate them. You know who they are.