Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pre-project funk


No photos today - I'm afraid the camera I use has gone on holiday for a couple of weeks.

I finished the Three Year Old's Dye Job socks. I probably should have washed them before thier owner eagerly wore them to daycare - they turned her feet red :) They've been washed now and should be safe - though the sole colours bleed into each other a little as a result. Still, she loves them.

I am also out of Ribbing Hell ... I'm about 3/4 of the way through the first repeat of the diamond stitch top - but I am worrying a bit that the mercerised cotton lacks enough 'give' and will show every flaw. *sigh* I'm even toying with the idea of giving it a test blocking on the needles (or rather, scrap yarn) to see how it looks. Thoughts?

I also knitted some emergency red garter stitch booties - for a baby shower I didn't end up going to. Ah well, they can go with the monkey (no, I still need to put on his remaining bits).

I would also like to start a new project now, but can get started. I really want to use up some of my stash. Prime candidates looking for a project are: (no this does NOT represent all of my stash...)
  • The blue and white hand dyed 3ply from the show. Advantages. Pretty. pure wool. Disadvantages: I have it on good authority it will "felt right up" (in a bad way, unless it was supposed to, of course.) Also, I have about 300g of it, which Helen (thanks Helen) figured about is about 1000m. She bought it in PURPLE and GREEN. (It was kind of bright). I'd like to knit a lace shawl maybe but am deeply worried about running out of yarn.
  • The red silk from ebay. It's about DK weight. Advantages: Scarlet in colour, amazing sheen, and pure silk. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Disavantages: I have 5 and a bit balls of it. And while it was fairly inexpensive, I doubt I'll be able to afford it's like again and so don't want to do just any old thing - I want it to be something special that I'll love to wear. Thoughts include : A top which actually calls for that yarn (which lupinbunny knit see here.) Other thoughts are a Clapotis-esque scarf for work and generally looking stylish, um... see? I really need more ideas.
  • One and a bit balls of Jo Sharp Aran Tweed in grey, left over from Fitzwillam's scarf. These might become a hat for the fiance, darling man. Though he does already have a cahsmere blend navy hat in grey... oohhh... actually, I know someone who might want it. I'll check with the fiance.
  • A swag (um about 8 balls from very rough memory) of beautiful greyish purple Zara. I love this yarn. I was going knit myself a whole wrap in it. Until I realised, honestly, that colour just doesn't suit me. Gifts only.
And there's more there, of course. Lots more. Maybe I should knit that lacy Kidsilk Haze scarf as gift thing? Nah....

See? I haven't been this stuck for starting in ages. I just really don't think I should be BUYING more yarn right now, and the only things I am really into the idea of require that.

Like this: (photo thanks to the Wool Shack: see side bar)

Lots of colours. Lots of yarn. None of which I own.

I am also thinking I'd like to knit this too:

probably in pale green or lavender. I could do black and white flowers, because I have left-overs..

The pattern uses, of course, Rowan Calmer.

For those not in the know, that little number retails at $23.50 a ball.

Sigh. It's nice, but geez.

Okay. I'm done. Thanks to those of you still reading at this point. (hi mum! ;-) Long rant today.

Have a good week all, and go on - tell me what to knit, you know you want to...