Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Presents and goodies from afar!!

Yay! A story in pictures, courtsey of the terribly nice Nadine via Germany via the Lime and Violet message boards. Hurrah!

Chapter one. A package arrives.

Chapter two. A mystery?

Chapter Three. It builds...

Chapter four. The final crescendo!

Chapter five. The denoument.

You know a actually feel vaguely guilty. I sent Cherry Ripes and Tim Tams and Jo Sharp Silkroad.

She sent me Lindt, Toblerone, Milka, german gingerbread and such and German Sock yarn!!

I hope she's half as happy with her stash as I am with my goodies...

(I think the coconut and milk filled lindt eggs are my favourite. SO yummy!)

...... runs off to eat another one......