Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Post-Christmas ramblings and photos...

Okay, I promised some photos, right?

My camera is a Canon PowerShot A530. It looks like this:

Well, it does when photographed in a mirror without a flash (sorry bout the blur).
Cool, huh?

I've also been testing out some entrelac (thanks to lupinbunny), but have decided that despite the nice colours of my own hand dyed yarn, the colour repeats are not long enough. See?

Oh, yeah and then there's the new bag :)

(warning: Gratitutous photographing of bag to come)

It looks like this.

It's HUGE inside. (Very tardis like). I'm pretty sure you could get a whole jumper and notions required in there. The little purple bag on the side there is attached with press studs so you can put the smaller stuff in there. It also has a side zippered pocket. Only thing I wish it had was a mobile phone/ipod pocket. But the zippered one does okay for that for me.

The nifty side pocket holds all your smaller stuff - small needles, pens, scissors, calculator etc.

And, I'm back on that diamond stitch top from the Sarah Dallas Vintage Knits book. And again, part of me says...

"4ply cotton on 3mm needles. In the round so it goes extra slow. What were you thinking?!"

There is photos of this, but I think I've hit the cache limit for Blogger. So, another time.

I'm also considering trying to participate in "Project 365". I now have a small, digital camera. I also want to work on something I've long been terrible at. I look terrible in photos. I seem to sabotage myself constantly, probably subconsciously. I don't mean to look awful, after all.

I don't think they'll end up here - I'm a bit hesistant of putting personal photos up. But we'll see how it goes. Maybe you'll get the non-people photos.