Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Print o the Wave.. well, not saved but,.. significantly less impeded by the use of lifelines...

I finally got the courage, ripped out the repeat I needed to and started the repeat over again.

Thankfully, since I have been putting in a lifeline every successful repeat, I only had to rip back one repeat. It does, however, make me consider putting in multiple lifelines. Just in case I don't pick up that error in the repeat it happened.

Oh, and I expect my blogging will be a little quiet for a while. I am about *crosses fingers* eight weeks from moving house and I have several friends waiting to take on (increased) sprog-herding duties :)

So there'll be secret baby-knitting projects on the go. Which I can't blog cos some of them read this :P

Speaking of which *cough* anyone want to loan me a copy of Itty Bitty Hats?