Sunday, July 08, 2007

I am the personification of busyness and nerves

I'm doing stuff, honest. But I cannot tell you where the four days off I just had, well, where they went.

It certainly didn't sufficiently go into finishing Raspy like I wanted to.

I mean, I am making progress, definitely.. I'm into the raglan decreases and everything.

And I've done about 4 repeats of the Print O' the Wave stole, when I wanted something more engaging...

And I have cleaned half the house for the rent inspection on Thursday..

And did the school run on Thursday and Friday...

And did some food shopping on Saturday (no I didn't photograph it Lupinbunny, sorry. Maybe one day I shall both remember the project and buy a normal number of things and my kitchen be clean. Like, all at once..)

And I went to Stitch and Bitch Saturday... and then we went raiding Crossways for Yarn...

And .. I've been playing rather a lot of this.. . Oblivion. It's awesome and huge and a nice break from the tedium that World of Warcraft has become.

Oh. And stressing about the new job I start tomorrow. My darling man says they'll love me. Gawd, I hope so.