Sunday, July 22, 2007

A mixed weekend

The bad
  • The weather was terrible.. Driving rain, heavy wind etc.
  • The bad weather meant my man was really not well enough to do the house-planning shopping we had planned to do. (When the barometric pressure drops, he's toast)
  • I went to buy my daughter a new tracksuit from Target, went through all the dramas of a little person freaking out because she got wet when we got out of the car at the shops, her insisting on looking at every toy in the store... and then when I finally got to the checkout, having left my pursue at home :(
  • My man still being sore and tired today, and so him sleeping all day and us again not doing any of the things I had planned (despite the weather having improved somewhat)
The good
  • I made my first ever dahl for my dinner last night. And it rocked!!
  • Despite the aforementioned poor weather, and us being inside all weekend pretty much, my daughter was actually very well behaved.
  • Well enough, in fact, that I actually read all of the new Harry Potter book (bought in a fit of self-indulgent retail therapy when I went back a second time to Target .. with my purse this time).
The mixed
  • I cleaned up the house a lot, so it looks less like a pigsty but.. I loathe cleaning.
  • I can't decide on a new project. I'm looking sideways at the two pairs of half finished socks on my needles, but am half way swayed by my daughter's suggestion that her doll needs a beanie, as my doll (Lizzie in the top banner) has one.

This was my first ever sock. I bought the yarn (Opal self striping of some kind, ball band lost in the mists of time) because it was on sale and I didn't know yet whether I would like knitting socks. I hated the colourway. I am now considering if I should finish the last sock, and overdyed it purple.

This was my Jaywalker attempt. I like the colourway much more, but... the yarn is a little scratchy and I can't get into the Jaywalker mojo. It just seems to be not working for me.

Weirdly, now I keep looking at this yarn... which is soft, and I love the colours. And am now thinking as a result, of shifting one of the other two pairs onto scrap yarn and casting on socks pair #3
I don't know. I need an easy project, the lace stole takes too much concentration to knit while doing the public transport thing (and a single mistake requires rather more work to fix)