Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not dead, just busy

[don't you think that should be a song title?]

Well, I am knitting, but its almost entirely baby gift stuff. And some of the giftees read the blog. So no posting before the gifting.

And, I am also terribly busy since I have it on good authority (from the very nice scotsman D, who is our building supervisor) that in approximately 2-3 weeks I shall have my very own house all completed! The joy! The delight! The relief!

Of course, we shan't be moving in immediately, since we want both floor coverings and window coverings in place before moving. But it is still rather delicious. I shall not be renting come October it seems! I shall have a KITCHEN and not a kitchenETTE. Those who know me in the flesh have all heard at length about my belief that my ETTE is my purgatory such that when having my kitchen I shall be truly grateful. In case you think I am kidding, I have just decided this second that a comparison is in order...

the ETTE:
dimensions. (I got weirdly silly about it and ran over and measured it)... 1.6m to 2.5m. That's room size - the floor size is smaller because of cupboards/fridge/sink etc is in that space.
photographic proof:
dimensions. 3.55 x 3.98m
Photographic proof: (only the plan, don't have a good photo of the kitchen since the cabinetry is done).
What this means? As I suspected and have now confirmed. My current kitchen is smaller than the bench space in my new house. In fact, it is about 0.3sqm smaller than just the island bench!

See? Kitchen purgatory ;-)

Anyway, all this house-nearly-ready has meant we've been really busy pricing flooring and beds and so on. Oh, and work has been crazy busy too.

Good knitting mojo to you all....