Sunday, December 09, 2007


Now everyone, stand up a moment.. stretch.... breathe in deeply and exhale.... take a moment to wriggle your fingers and breathe and wake up a bit. Okay. You can all sit down now.

(I may or may not have been training too much lately..)

Well, I have been the embodiment of busyness the last while.

On the other's a brief summary of some of the things I have done...
  • Supervised or did the installation of a variety of objects in my house (carpet, wardrobes, chest of drawers, bed etc. )
  • Cleaned new house. Sometimes multiple times since tradesmen don't believe in doormats apparently.
  • Moved house
  • Cleaned and emptied previous cupboard (aka the apartment) of residence. (this took WAAAY too long).
  • Unpacked all but one room (study, which does not have its shelves etc. yet) and 3 miscellaneous boxes. (This sounds trivial when I write it. It really, really isn't).
  • Run a number of courses at work without my usual co-trainer. (Nearly lost my voice three times on last day...)
  • Made a mohair beret for my mother's trip to UK/Birthday present (no photos sorry, forgot to ask before she packed it - it was a speed knit).
  • Went to my daughter's Christmas concert to see her play Rattle, Rattle Dump Truck on the violin, and then spend the rest of the concert on the stage giggling and whispering and playing with her friend next to her. (sigh)
  • Had several groups of friends & family over for meals
  • Bought all but three of my Christmas presents.
  • Finished and gifted the Cornflower lace scarf. For those of your following along I was reliably informed that it was gratefully received, the colour (her favourite) was perfect and she received many compliments on it. After much angsting over the fringe/no-fringe thing.. it worked really well. I liked the fringe a lot.
  • And last night, I made a bunny! He's for the baby (1 year old?) in the family.. I sewed him. All by myself. I even embroidered! And I didn't stuff anything up! Miracles!

And on that note... Christmas is coming and I have a stack of thinking left to do. Not presents, (they're largely sorted) but.. what baking and kid-friendly stuff I want to do :) And I get a whole two weeks off!!

At this stage my holidays consist of : Baking Christmas biscuits with daughter (her pick), Taking daughter to movies & taking the ferry to the city (her pick) and playing Zelda on the Wii (my pick!). Oh and trying not to put on 5 kilos over Christmas. I ahve the internal fortitude of a wet tissue at the moment, so it's not boding well.