Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Crafted Satisfaction at gifts well recieved.

Ahhhh... I like Boxing Day.

The quiet... the chance for my little one to actually play with her toys..oh, hang on I need to go help build a Lego service station... Okay done :)

Well, Christmas is done, just the generalised merriment left.

I was actually really gratified with one set of gifts in particular. Being a novice at sewing, I actually breathed deep and made three sewn gifts for my nephews (in law to be.. if you follow me). Two of them came from the Softies book - a Japanese style bunny for the baby (10months or so) and a blue astronaut for the 4 year old who's into rockets and space. Finally I made a real sized rugby ball for the eldest (5 going on 6) who is about to start at his new school. His uncle went there too, and so my mother in law (to be) was kind enough to give me one of his old school blazers and an old rugby jumper. (Don't worry there are others, they aren't the final year sentimental ones). Anyway these got refashioned into the panels and emblem of the school on the ball.

I was really pleased. An oddly the one I thought the best (astronaut) was the least adored! The baby was so pleased with his bunny, and played with it, sucked on it, giggled at it and waved it around all afternoon :)

The ball was immediately received with a "My school ball! Whoo-hoo!" and then kicked and thrown around (thankfully its all squooshy and hence safe for indoor play ;-)

The astronaut got a "cool!" and then its new owner promptly ran back for the pool. (Hey, it was 40 degrees out (that's 104 American readers) so I could hardly blame him..)

Considering I spoke with my man about my misgivings about giving kids who are happily in the electronic generation such old fashioned toys was quickly quashed. All loved far better than I had expected, so I was really happy. Incidentally, so was their mum to talked to me about the difficulty in finding nice, not nasty looking, non-plastic toys for them!

On my front, I got several of my list items (yay!) including that coveted Interweave Knits subscription!! And of course, the aforementioned mixer :) :) So the loot was good. I also got some Egyptian cotton white towels. Amazingly lovely. As my man said, "I think my mum knows you well now.."

Oh the photo? well, the post looked kind of boring without any colour. They are some of the baking I did. Yum.

Have a great break all - I trust the festive season is treating you well and that you all have air con. We sort of do, but its kind struggling right now.. And SnB ladies, I'll see you Friday. Oh and any requests for favourite sorbet or ice cream?