Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I is a lace-knittin' fiend!

Well, I think the lace bug has bitten me again. And hard.

Helped enormously by a return to my 45 min bus-commute.

I have completed I think maybe 10 repeats or so of my Print O' the Wave stole in the last week?

I am now heading into repeat 14 of the 17 for the second half.

I didn't bother to photograph it, because well.. it look pretty much exactly like this..
but on circulars. (that's the first half if you're wondering).

I now have three repeats to go and then the very scary grafting. And then the possibly less-scary but more time consuming edgings. Yes, that is correct. They are a plural. There's two of them. Let's not think about that right now, 'k?

All this sudden burst of lace caught me unaware. I was so psyched out Tangled Yoke but it's got nary a look in of late. Which is unfortunate, since I sit under a vent at work, making my working conditions subarctic and therefore could do with a nice cardi.

I also caught myself looking at cobweb lace patterns on Ravelry. For several hours. And then I caught myself and now feel faint at the idea. I'm sure I'll recover soon. Christmas is coming. And I had Interweave Knits subscription and yarn on my list. *crosses fingers*

Cos I have been such a ever so good girl this year.. {looks innocent...ish}

Oh and if I saw this when I made my list, that'd just about be all that'd be on it. Well, maybe some of this too. Oh, and definitely this. My inner goth child passed out a while ago from squeeing so hard she couldn't breathe. (Shhh, let's not wake her I need to go to bed..)

This didn't help.