Thursday, March 06, 2008

More emu, more tangled yoke.

The emu continues thusly.
The leg isn't attached at this point, just there as reference. I am working out the legs as I go, since I don't crochet and can't figure out what the crochet instructions mean. Plus, the whole pattern is very strange on this point since it seems to have been designed as a kind of display rather than toy - the instructions include a whole bunch of stuff about using skewers and/or dowel to make it stand up. Odd.

I'm going more for the 'feel' of emu rather than a perfect representation.

Oh, and I'm knitting Tangled Yoke still but not enough to really be able to see progress, the rows are too long !

The other thing taking my time is progressing my stash-busting plans. I've joined the very useful and inspiring Stash Knit Down 2008 over on Ravelry, which I recommend for my fellow Ravellers who are doing likewise. Did you know if you go to a yarn you have stashed you can go to "Pattern Ideas" on the yarn page for what other people have knit with it? Brilliant! And fantastically useful, a few of my smaller stashes of stuff found project this way...