Thursday, March 13, 2008

Progress... nearing completion of a major project

Well, I'm nearly there. I'm knitting the collar of the Tangled Yoke.

That looks like this... I'm doing a three needle bind off - it has a folded edge (for the knit geeks reading)

Which has its progress slowed down considerably, since it no longer fits in my knitting bag. Or rather it does, but not if I need to put anything else in there (lunch, purse etc). Which is impressive, since its my 'Epic' (that's a geek joke. It's epic 'cos its a purple.) First time for that to run out of room...

On the plus side, this has lead to another project waking from hibernation. This has helped no end, and I turned the first heel of my Anastasia socks. These are dyed in my mother's handdyed. Beautiful colours, no?
(there's a heel there, trust me.)

And on the weekend, I shall have a skein winder... and then there will be lace. (whew!)