Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ten repeats from a return to sanity

I have ten repeats to finish the edging of the Print o the Wave. Then, a little teeny bit of grafting and a whole lotta blocking. I can see the end... :)

Then it's onto a whole bunch of small stuff... a beanie, a felted bag and planning a medium sized project - little miss' winter cardigan, now agreed to but needing to be designed, swatched and so on. It will look a little like this.

That's little squiggly cables on the yoke. It will be red with white flowers :) I have the red yarn stashed, so should just take one ball of white to be purchased :)

Cute, huh? And a little easier than the 6+ colour number she was considering at one point. Very picky about her clothing my little one.