Sunday, July 06, 2008

Decisions, decisions..

Ah, siblings have no respect for stashbusting.

My brother is going to be a dad. It is their first child, and is a naturally big deal for him and his partner.

Of course, this requires knitted goodness.

Now... I love my brother. But....


He doesn't take care of stuff the way I do. (Actually, the way most people do.) Anyway, this means that baby stuff for them will require a certain level of unkillable-ness to it.

Since this generally means either cotton or mega-superwash wool or (gasp!) acrylics.. I really do not have anything suitable in my stash, and certainly not in the quantities required. Okay, I can do a hat or booties from stash and probably will, but I am thinking you know, its my brother, and I think I need to go the whole hog and knit them a baby blanket.

Those of you who knew me around 4ish years ago may recall much complaining on my part as I finished my last baby blanket - for my nephew-in-law. It was moss stitch. It was beautiful. But it was moss stitch and therefore god awful slow to knit. (At the time it was also the largest single piece of knitting I had done.)

So, while I am definitely more experienced now, and prepared for the slowness, I still want to pick a more interesting choice to knit.

And this, dear reader, is where you come in.

I am considering one of two patterns, and looking for suggestions for not-too-expensive unkillable yarn.

Pattern One : The Pinwheel round baby blanket.

This would be knitted in probably rainbow striped colours I think. The good example shown above by Knittingnav via flickr.

Pattern two : Moderne Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon.
Again in different colours to those shown here (by Katinka31 via flickr again), since they don't know what they are having.

What do you think? Opinions? Thoughts?