Sunday, July 13, 2008

Making jumbo socks

For felting.

My house is kind of cold, and my feet, once cold, stay that way.

So, I'm making a quick-knit pair of slippers. Fuzzy Feet from knitty to be specific.

First one is done. Note the comparison of size with my converse hightops. It's waiting a mate before being felted. (No, not a gauge error).

And progress is being made on the scarf/shawl. Since you knit from the point and get bigger, I'm slightly bored with it as the shine of very quick rows disappears with the increasing number of stitches. Which is fine, and I'll get back to it after finishing my slippers.

They are much quicker and I'm sure a few more episodes of Dead Like Me will do it. I love this series, I'd forgotten all about it until it came up in conversation at Stitch and Bitch recently, and I have reaffirmed my love of its quirky-macabre humor. Wonderful.