Thursday, January 08, 2009

Heat is bad for knitting

Okay, yeah over summer now. Have I mentioned I loathe feeling sweaty?

All this heat is leaving me feeling very blah on many fronts, including the knitting.

I'm not sure whether it is all the gift knitting I have queued, or just the general heat.

It may be both. I've even felt too hot to consider sewing at the moment, even at night. There's a cool change coming monday.. for two whole days. Sigh.

In the bad news all the gift knitting will make for poor blogging most likely. That said, I'm considering making something gratuitously selfish for myself :) I keep looking at my Ravelry queue and pondering. I need to keep it to stash yarn though - I've been working on estimates of how much we need to save for the wedding and, frankly, the numbers were kinda scary.

Thankfully, that does leave quite a lot of options still.
  • Denim yarn bag
  • Baudelaire socks
  • Smoulder stripy cardigan
  • Icarus shawl
  • Horseshoes cardigan in red silk
  • Zetor shawl in ivory lace weight
  • 4ply cotton bags
  • Vintage beret (maybe - not sure I can pull off a beret without bad hat hair).
I think that is all for the moment. I do have other yarn, but that's all the stuff with projects picked out.

And I do have a couple of works in progress, but I think I need the new and shiny to get my mojo back. And I might give myself an out pass on some baby gifts with some sewn stuff rather than knitted - that may help.

Anyway happy new year to all - I hope you have air con.