Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The one where I become oddly interested in all sorts of needlework

Apparently, I've become a 1950s CWA housewife..

(not that there's anything wrong with that..)

I'm getting interested in both quilting and embroidery. Not that the knitting has gone anywhere, so don't panic.

The quilting first.

I've long admired Amy Butler colourful quilts.. I have her In Stitches book. Though really the much more clean and modern Denyse Schmidt quilts or Lotta Jansdotter (like the one shown and linked below) are much more my decorating style..

But with a small girly-girl who loves nothing so much as fairies and butterflies and ladybugs and flowers and pink and purple and things that are sparkly... I am considering a vintage-y girly patchwork quilt comprised mostly of the loeftovers from the toys and skirts etc I have made for her. I might dig through clothes that we have that are partly stained/damaged also and use some of that. Also, my Mum has given me some truly vintage fabric from her mum which I may also use. I figure with enough collecting of pink/purple/pale blue/pale green fabric I can make a bunch of quilt squares like the one below.

I had this link hanging around from ages ago and finallty tried it out.
Thus. Take one 3x3 fabric square (my little squares were 4inches square to start)
Then cut in half horizontally and vertically.

Then turn the top left square 90 degrees to the left. Turn the bottom right square 90 degree to the right.

Sew them back together.

I really, really like the finished look. Kind of random & scrappy without too much random & scrappy. Now I want to make a whole bunch until I can make a single bed quilt for small person.

And the embroidery? Well, I'd really enjoyed all the handstitching on my little car & caravan. It totally surprised me. And amused my man no end. But anyway.
I've been left with the whole.. "but what would I ever do with anything embroidered?...

And then I saw this.. I am totally going to embroider myself this on some fabric and frame it for my quiet room. I'm sure my doll Elizabeth, and her pet toy jellyfish would totally approve... I'm getting a 'wannabe-goth-girl-grown-up-and-gone-crafty' vibe in there I think...