Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Duplo. It's not just for building anymore. (New! Improved!! Knitting application!!!)

So. What to do when you need to block a fair isle beanie?

Use what comes to hand!

Here is my man's beanie blocking away happily.

What on?

Here is the peek under the covers - a large Chinese bowl on a tower of duplo. Nice, solid, and adjustable!

And to show you that, 'yes Virginia, blocking does make a difference', here's a pre-blocking, 'lumpy' photo.
I'm back to knitting on Raspy (!!)

Okay, clearly this post should have been subtitled 'where I make use of inappropriate numbers of exclamation marks' ..

So, tomorrow night I do believe I shall geek out, watch episodes of Heroes and knit away happily.

(And, very quietly on the uber geek front... I dinged 70! Yay me! All the knitters, just nod knowingly and look at me like the people on the bus look at you. You know the one. :)

Yep. That's the look.