Sunday, June 24, 2007

Making progress (slowly)

I ripped out that sleeve, all the way back and re-cast on. And am regularly checking the results against the pattern. Rather frequently. You can see the comparison below of my progress of reknitting against where it was. It's not too bad really.

I've also cast on Eunny Jang's Print O' The Wave stole. It's in Knitpicks Shimmer colourway Mountain Mist. A little stripy, but I'm giving it some time before I make a firm decision.

I've done about one and a half repeats of the 34 that make up the main body. It's a long-term gift project. And painfully slow. I think I've ripped back about 4 rows so far.

And I got a spoken-comment aired on Craftlit. Which was great, but.... I realise now just how many times I say um. I also sound kind of incoherent as I try to explain one of my points. All kind of embarassing. Which is, interestingly, at odds with my own quiet giggly pride I felt at being aired. Good thing I never became a radio talk-back host, huh?