Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It must be spring-ish time

How do I know this? I get organisational-twitchy come springtime. Oh, and I'm moving house soon. Really soon.

There are days I can't believe I used to be the disorganised type. These days, it's all lists and plans. Of course, I do have rather a lot more on than I used to. ;-)

However, of late I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with everything I've got on. So.. I am working on a new plan.

Some research has lead me to the D.I.Y. planner system which appeals. In conjunction, more than likely with the Zen to Done rules over at zenhabits.net.

What I am really coveting now, is a filofax. Preferably in the Personal or Pocket size. Around the size of a wallet upto about two wallets side by side. Anyone who has such a thing, and doesn't want it, let me know and we can do a swap or something. I don't need a genuine filofax, but I do want one with ring binders, not just the type with push-in notebooks.

If all else fails, I work on the Hipster PDA version. Very cool, free downloads and all :)

What am I seeking? A way of getting all the minutiae of my daily stuff to do and to remember and so on, out of my head up to the time I needed it. My brain feels crowded .. We'll see how I go, hey?