Saturday, October 06, 2007

Knitting, knitting...

I have two of the three baby-gifts done. One was successfully gifted at a recent Stitch n Bitch, as blogged by Lupinbunny. (I was strip one of seven for a baby blanket..)

Another is off the needles, sewn up and just needs buttons purchased and sewn on. Is that giving too much away? hmmmm..

I have also been doing some more on my cardigan.. as shown thusly...

Which I am still really enjoying, and the knitted fabric is very flat and even. Pretty.

And completed another repeat and a half on Print o the Wave stole. Which makes it 5.5 of 34, not counting the edging. I keep being surprised at how amazingly slow knitting this is. I think all the baby stuff and stockingette I have been doing has spoiled me.

And finished the first of four balls of yarn that make up the Daisy stitch scarf... which is the black to the white of the Print o the Wave stole for the spectrum of lace knitting. The needles are big, its ridiculously quick in comparison. And is a 4 stitch repeat, with no memorisation really required.

My project list looks big. Those of you watching Ravelry will be seeing my progress.. slowly. I have so many things in the 'to knit' list.. but still have several big items on the needles. Keep trying to stop myself from casting on another. Glutton for punishment, me.