Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lace Stole Math

This is what I just figured out. I have (both literally and figuratively) just turned a corner on the Print O the Wave stole.

248 edge stitches on a long side. 88 stitches on a short side. One of each remaining.

One repeat takes me approximately 17 minutes. A repeat consumes 8 edge stitches into the knitted on border.

This means...
248 = 31 repeats of edging.
88 = 11 repeats of edging.
(31+11)*17 = 714 minutes of edge knitting left.
714/60 =11 hours and 54 mins of knitting time until I can block, sew in a couple of loose ends and it will be done.

Somehow, 12 hours of knitting time suddenly doesn't seem so bad. I see end of the project! Can I get a huzzah?