Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This is what crying over not enough yarn looks like.

This is my Print O' the Wave stole.
This is, you will remember, a gift for my man's grandmother who can no longer knit herself and who's last knitted item was a perfect lace Christening shawl for my daughter.

As you can see from the above, I am less than a single side away from finishing the edging. I had done the math, you will recall, to work out how long I would need to knit to finish it (I think my sampling error was a bit high, and I should have taken more than a single timing measurement, but that's another post). The end was in sight.

Then karma takes me, and... slaps me stupid for my hubris.

This is how much yarn I have left.
I have posted on Ravelry seeking a swap/trade/buy/beg pathetically...

I can't however, buy the yarn myself directly from the company, because they refuse to post outside the US or Canada. (sulk) And our previous acquirer is no longer availible (sigh).

I should be able to get some in the same colourway, but not the same dye lot. There are a couple of people over on Ravelry having them for trade, but none with the right dye lot as far as I can tell.

This is how I feel, after all that work.

(photo kindly borrowed from D-Hub on flickr).

'Nuff said.
(and before people *cough* Fitzwilliam *cough* start to panic, I'm fine. Just kicking my own ass for not buying an extra skein when originally buying it. It had about 100m more than the pattern called for. That seemed.. plenty.)