Monday, March 02, 2009

February is a bad month for me

Not in a scary-evil-things-happen kind of way, just in a really, really busy kind of way.

So I have small person birthday parties, post-christmas catch up, babies arriving and due and school going back and so on.

All a bit crazy, which would be why I am nursing both a cold and a bloody awful cold sore. Hmph.

I have been crafting also, but since it is largely baby presents, and all three expectant mothers read my blog, you'll have to just believe me. Will post after gifting.

Oh, in other wonderful news... The Last Watch is out, translated into English, at Borders, and thus...

bought and read. Wonderful stuff. Though I wonder if the journalist on the cover who is quoted as saying that the author is the "Russian JK Rowling" is on crack, LSD or some other mind altering substance.

They both have "fantasy" elements. Which is a bit like saying Pride and Prejudice is just like Teletubbies, because they are both english.

Anyway, more in a while. Maybe.