Saturday, March 21, 2009

The one with a side order of ... meh.

Well, I am having a knitting 'meh' stage. Which is half true. I actually have things I am knitting..

the smoulder cardigan goes along nicely...
and my Clapotis is also progressing along (on thicker yarn which is a nice change).
But their basic problem? They are big. Too-big-to-drag-around-without-making-my-shoulder-sore big. Guess how I know that now?

I tried starting knitting an Icarus, using my Centrovaggia laceweight. But.. Centrovaggia is actually classed as a 1ply yarn. That's thin. Really thin. And even though I went down to a 3mm needle, I still feel that the knitting looks visually too loose for me. See in the stockingette sections? Yeah, I feel like they need more visual weight to highlight the quill lace. Or the yarn needs to be a bit fluffy, to visually fill the gaps.
So, I considered what to knit. I started casting on the new Aeolian with some 1ply silk in an ivory colour, but the yarn always looks a bit yellow to me, and I'm not sure. Plus, it's on 2mm needles, and I am not sure I am ready for another fine needled project right now.

I could knit socks, but.. I'd need to ball up the either of the 2 potential yarns (it's still in hanks). My bestie who owns the ideal yarn swift & winder? In hospital with her newest creation. (Hi Bibnbub & bub! And yes, I will keep making that bad pun over and over..)

I might yet do that. Then I can knit those Beaduelaires. Hmm, better go look for needles, huh? Or maybe knit up that cashmere blend sock yarn that Mum dyed. Or knit the yummy 8ply handdyed I have into a scarf thing.

I need a portable project - my minor surgery (to remove some moles) has been moved to Monday. I don't, as a rule, do surgery/needles well. I'll need something to keep my mind off it all.

In other news, I've started on that Nevermore project. But I think I'll post about that separately - I am doing progress shots as I got through it and so it will be a long post unto itself.

And remind me to tell you about my new computer-based thingie. Evernote.