Friday, March 27, 2009


Well, I finished the beret and wore it to work, then realised that my body wasn't actually ready for work yet, wore it to the shops and then to my specialist appointment. Here I found out that I am healing well, but that some of the tape didn't like my skin much. Ouch.

However, I forgot to take photos in daytime so you'll have to wait for the pictures. Photographing black at night is a way to frustration.

Also, since I picked up some kind of nasty trojan virus I have spent a rather large chunk of today starting and restarting my machine. And removing things, and installing (more) anti virus stuff and so on. I've got quite a lot of embroidery done as a result.

Some starting photos:

Now, of course this is my first attempt of embroidery on anything other than a toy. I'm armed primarily with the Instructibles Embroidery 101 and a copy of Embroidery from my local library. I'm ahppy with how it is turning out so far though.

This is where I am at now: just the raven left. (Which means his eyes, and filling him in with black thread.)

Things I have learned.
  • Satin stitch looks beautiful but.. takes forever to do.
  • Yes, you really can tell the difference if your needle goes on one side of a single thread of the fabric or the other.
  • Embroidery is apparently yet another one of those geeky crafts that I find inexplicably satisfying.
And yes, I still am really itchy. And periodically sore. (sigh)